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Information For Beginners


Turning up for your first lesson can be nerve-wracking when you don't know what to expect, so we've put together this FAQ section which should answer most of your questions. If you would like any further information then please do not hesitate to fill out the enquiry form above, or call us on the details provided at the bottom of the page.


Do I need to book a place in advance? Is there a waiting list?

No. You can register your interest in advance if you wish, or just turn up to any of our sessions; we will always accommodate new students.


Do I need to be fit or flexible to start?

No, Tae Kwon-Do will help improve your fitness and flexibility whatever level you start at.


What age is best to start Tae Kwon-Do?

Any age! We accommodate all ages from 4 years old to 60+. Everyone benefits in different ways from starting Tae Kwon-Do at different ages, so there is no ideal age range.


Can I watch a lesson before joining in?

Yes, if you wish to just watch for a lesson or two then you are perfectly welcome to do this, as long as you aren't disruptive. If you're a parent bringing your child along, you're welcome to stay and watch for as many sessions as you wish until you feel happy that they are in good care.


What do I need to wear?

For your first few lessons, come wearing lose comfortable clothes, such as a t-shirt and jogging bottoms. It's a bare foot Martial Art but in the case of a medical condition trainers are permitted, as long as they're suitable.


Do I need to bring anything with me?

It's useful to bring a drink, plain water or an isotonic sports drink such as Lucozade Sport is best; there will usually be at least one break in the lesson in which you can have a drink, especially during the summer months.


Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we will never ask you to sign any form of contract. After your free trial you will pay fees on a monthly basis, so you can discontinue your training at any point.


What will I be asked to do as a beginner?

All lessons start with a warm up, so typically there will be a little running and simple exercises such as star jumps, press-ups and sit-ups. We then move onto Tae Kwon-Do techniques such as kicks, punches and blocks, either as one group or in smaller focus groups. Lastly, we finish with a cool down and stretches. Every lesson will be slightly different, so you may have a different Instructor, be working with different people, or be doing different activities, but you will always be able to take things at your own pace, receive plenty of assistance and have the opportunity to ask questions.


What costs are involved?

Initially, nothing. We give all new students one month free with no obligation to join. On your first lesson we will give you an information booklet detailing the costs involved if you decide to join; from training fees to outfit costs.


Do I need to attend two lessons per week?

No. You will progress better through the grades if you are able to attend two lessons per week, but we understand this isn’t always possible, so offer a part time discount to students who only attend one lesson per week.


Can I attend more than one NMA school?

Yes, if for example you would like to attend the Monday class at Chipping Sodbury TKD and the Wednesday class at Emersons Green TKD, this is fine.